Southern Oregon has an Attractive Real Estate Market!!!

street signs that say -Buyers Rd. -Sellers Ln.

Here in Southern Oregon in cities like Grants Pass, Medford, Jacksonville and Ashland, plenty of residents are convinced that an attractive California real estate market spurs population growth in these areas.  If this is the case, Southern Oregon can expect a rush of people looking to relocate here in the near future.

According to a real estate specialist from Prudential Sherm Heater Inc., Realtors in Grants Pass, “Many people are coming here not only from California, but also Arizona, Idaho and Washington.”  She also added,  that there has been a lot of turnover.  People moving here into this area are looking or seeking a slower pace and they want to be closer to the outdoor recreational opportunities that Southern Oregon has to offer.  And don’t forget the climate!   Most people coming from California are looking for weather- Southern Oregon enjoys all four seasons!

Some of the migration here to Southern Oregon is driven by smaller employers who move their entire businesses north.  They are looking for a better quality of life.  Another factor more people are attracted to this area is that they feel they can get more “bang for their buck”  when it comes to  property and homes.

History proves that when the real estate market is doing well in the Bay area (San Francisco) things pick up for the Southern Oregon market.  And at present the market in San Francisco is the highest it’s ever been.  That drives up the prices and in turn, makes it more attractive for people to sell and relocate to Southern Oregon.

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