new owner designs home then pounds the first stake

This proud new owner is helping the contractor pound in the first stake for her new home.  She designed the floor plan and picked her materials and now she is taking part in starting the construction.  Its fun to see the new homeowners taking part in building their home.  Everyone I have met while working in this business has a different design in their head for a perfect home.  One couple said we have to have all the bedrooms upstairs while another said a single level is the only way we would ever build a house. Another client told me I have to have a window in my laundry room, and another lady said if I don’t have a jetted tub then it won’t feel like home. We had one client who wanted extra shelving in her kids bathroom to accomodate all their hair products and bathroom supplies.  Another client wanted granite tiles in her kitchen. Each family I have met wants something different. What features can you not live without in your home? Or should I say, what do you wish you had in your home?

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