Live in Grants Pass

A beautiful place to live or retire – Grants Pass, Oregon

The cities of Grants Pass, Cave Junction and the communities of Josephine County extend our invitation to you.   Surrounded by forested foothills and enlivened by the scenic Rogue, Applegate and Illinois rivers, we have a bounty to offer everyone.   From handsome historic architecture to year-round outdoor recreation, discovering the quality of life in our region is an experience not soon forgotten.   The growth in the area offers a viable business community for light manufacturing, retail and services.   It takes only a few days to discover the richness of Applegate, Rogue and Illinois valleys, but taking advantage of it all could fill a lifetime.

Originating in the nearby Cascade Mountains and flowing all the way to the Pacific Ocean at Gold Beach, the Rogue River passes beneath the iconic Caveman bridge at the edge of downtown Grants Pass.   Outdoor enthusiasts flock to these three of America’s last unspoiled waterways, to enjoy swimming, boating, fishing, rafting and much more.   Fish, birds and other wildlife show preference to the pristine waters as well. Many can be seen during a stroll through Riverside Park, a jet boat tour to Hellgate Canyon or a hike along the many trails through our wild and scenic areas.   Indoor enthusiasts can find themselves charmed by the area’s antique stores, the hospitable cafes and restaurants.   You will also find a thriving artistic community including museums, theater companies and live music venues.   Josephine County and particularly its Illinois and Applegate Valleys continue to gain respect amongst wine-makers from Oregon and beyond.   Come and enjoy the beauty and hospitality of the best river county in America!

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