Handicap accessible design for single level new construction

Valerian Homes is helping people deal with life changes by adapting some of their most popular floor plans to be handicap accessible.  Sometimes life changes such as dealing with disease, injuries or simply  age can make the current floor plan in your home not work for your family anymore.  Valerian Homes is committed to helping those dealing with life changes maintain and improve their quality of life and freedom through handicap accessible floor plans and features.  Valerian Homes is committed to helping those dealing with limitations have a home that makes things like getting around their home, bathing and dressing easier each day.

Need to make changes but don’t want to move?  How about remodel? Our contractor has been remodeling and building new homes for 50 years and is happy to come and look at your current home and see what kind of cost effective remodel options are available to you.

Attached to this article is a handicap accessible floor plan designed and ready to be built on a small lot in Scenic Bayou subdivision.  Take a look and keep looking back for more floor plans to come soon.  With the growing popular demand in Grants Pass for small single level homes and handicap accessibility in Grants Pass, Oregon, Valerian Homes has decided to change their game plan at Scenic Bayou Subdivision and begin to build more single level homes on the small lots.  This will provide easy access throughout the home, handicap accessibility, and small minimal maintenance yards.   The plan featured in this article  is built with wider hallways and bathrooms in order for a wheelchair to be able to access all areas of the home.

Come by Scenic Bayou Subdivision today and see the new handicap accessible home under construction.  We are here to help you make necessary life changes easier.

Lot 9-10(3-05-13)-2

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