Tongue & Groove ceiling installed in Custom Home out at Paradise Vista in Grants Pass

Out at the Paradise Vista subdivision in Grants Pass the focus of the Valerian Team has shifted to the interior.

tongue & groove ceiling installed in Great Room at Paradise Vista

The Home owners chose to continue the Knotty Pine Ceiling from the patio into the Great Room.

Knotty Pine tongue & groove ceiling continued from patio

This knotty pine is installed like a hard wood floor it has a tongue and groove system.

finishing the last knotty pine planks on the ceiling of Great Room

The home owners have decided to just clear coat the knotty pine planks so that you can see the wood grain. The Valerian Team treated the planks with the clear coat before installation.   The wood grain will eventually darken and contrast with age.

Finish trim of Knotty Pine ceiling in the Great Room

The ceiling is almost complete- Here it shows one of the Valerian Team members running a finish trim down the middle to hide the last seam.

Great Room View of finished ceiling & patio at Paradise Vista

What a wonderful view our home owners have- the continued plank ceiling looks fantastic!  Great Job to the Valerian Team!

Great Room ceiling done & tape applied to drywall at Paradise Vista

Here is the other side of the Great Room where the front door is – as you can see the Valerian team is in the process of taping the drywall getting it ready for mudding or applying the texture to the walls.  Typically after the tape is applied, the tape is then covered with a joint compound.   This is a white substance similar to plaster and is used to seal the joints between the sheets of drywall.    Then the Valerian Team will sand it down so that you cannot feel or see the tape.  After this process is done and dry the Team will apply a skim coating or texture of drywall mud.  The home owners chose a texture that is semi smooth with variations (looks like plaster).  The reasons drywall is usually covered with a mud texture is:  First cover the tape & seams so that they cannot be seen.   Second reason is that paint absorbs differently from drywall sheet to drywall sheet.  So this texture or skim coat of mud gives the wall some dimension and consistency in color.

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