Tile & Hardwoods are installed @ Lot 16-Custom Home in Grants Pass

The custom home out at the Paradise Vista Sub-division in Grants Pass has begun the interior flooring.  The tile has been laid and set in the Master Bath- the homeowners of this new custom home have chosen a 4×4 inch neutral tile with a variation in color, and to give it contrast they opted for a detail tile laid on the diagonal in a darker tone.  It looks amazing and is ready for grout!

tile in Master Bath@130 Columbia-Paradise Vista

On the same Master Bath shower the homeowners chose a 2×2 inch square tile for the flooring.  This shower base is a concrete poured “pan” and was done by hand to insure that the water will run properly down the drain.  It starts out with a thick plastic sheeting that goes up the wall studs and then the backer-board (concrete dry-wall) is installed on studs and lastly the drain is covered and the concrete is poured and hand troweled.  When dry it is ready for the tile process & “Voila” perfection!

tile floor in Master Bath shower-130 Columbia-Paradise Vista

The Hardwood flooring has also been installed.  After the acclimation of the wood flooring – which takes about 6-10 days – the Valerian Team got busy and started in the Great Room.  The reason the flooring needs to acclimate to the environment is to insure that it doesn’t buckle or shrink after installation.  The flooring that the homeowners chose is a tongue-and-groove type with requires it to be attached to sub-flooring with a special wood-floor nail gun.

Hardwoods installed 130 Columbia-Paradise Vista

Here is the Great Room with the floors finished and the walls painted and the can lights lit!  The view of the Siskyou Mountains are breath-taking!  Our homeowners are going to spend a lot of time in this room!  Gorgeous!!!

Great Room Hardwood floor@130 Columbia-Paradise Vista

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