Exterior Siding up on New Home in Paradise Vista

The Valerian Homes Team is now installing the Exterior siding to the new Custom Home out at Paradise Vista.  This Newly Constructed home has been evolving quickly.  The Southern OR weather has been very cooperative and the progress can be seen on a daily basis.  The owners of this new home have been out on site to document the progress.  They are very excited and have been enjoying the process – every step of the way.   When a new home builder can finally see what has been on paper and drafts  for the past months it is thrilling.   Especially at this stage of the building process.  It in no longer just timber and concrete.  The windows are in and the siding is going up soon the exterior stone work will begin and the drywall will go up on the interior.  That is when the real magic starts.  At that moment the new owners will see their Dream Home come alive.    We will continue to share the process on this blog as well as the other 2 projects that the Valerian Team is working on.

“Your Dream, Your Design, Your Home!”

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