Drywall Arrives out at Paradise Vista Custom Home in Grants Pass

The Valerian Home Team has been moving right along on this Custom Home out on Lot 16 at Paradise Vista in Grants Pass.    This newly constructed custom home is now in the last phases.   All the electrical, plumbing & insulation is done so now the Valerian Team is hanging the drywall!  This is the exciting part of a newly constructed home because you finally get to see the defined rooms that have previously only been on paper in a 2 dimensional form.

Usually, the drywall process starts with all the ceilings done first.  As the photos above show you.  Then the Valerian Team start the walls – as seen in the Great Room however, the owners of this Custom Home have opted for a wood ceiling in their Great Room.  The drywall that is being used on this New custom home are 12 x 4.5 ft double pieces and each weighs approx 100 pounds!  In the bathrooms they use what is called cement boards.  The Cement Boards are like drywall but they are made to be tiled over- they do not absorb water.  Some even are treated to resist mold which is a great thing for a room where there will be a lot of water use.

After the drywall has been installed the Valerian Team will tape the seams and put a mud over the tape.  This insures that you will not see any seams where the drywall sheets meet.  Usually the owners will do a mud layer over all of the drywall to give the walls a texture.  There are many types of texture to choose from.  The owners of this Custom home have chosen a semi texture which has a smooth look but also gives another layer to hide the seams of the drywall.

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