Doors!!! Doors!!! Doors!!! out at Lot 16 in Paradise Vista-Grants Pass

The doors on the interior have been hung and here are some photos of what the homeowners chose.  The finish work is next on the agenda- but all doors have to be in place before the Valerian Team can put the detail trim around the door frames.
2nd bedroom on suite bath door installed-130 Columbia Crest

This is the entrance of the on suite bath connected to the 2nd bedroom.  Most of the flooring is in and painting is done on the walls the next step is cabinetry in the bathrooms and kitchen.  Then the Valerian Team will start all the trim of the house (base-boards/crown molding, etc.)

2nd bedroom closet doors hung-130 Columbia Crest

The homeowners chose “Batwing doors” for the closets.  Which open out much like bats wings when they launch to fly.  They are pre-painted a nice white.  These 2 sets of closets are also in the 2nd Bedroom.
hall closet batwing doors-130 Columbia Crest

Here is the Hall Linen Closet also with the Batwing closet doors.

Garage doors interior-130 Columbia Crest

The Garage doors went up as well and Valerian always uses a durable steel roll-up door with automatic door opener.  All of the Valerian Homes garages are always insulated to insure that it is an even temperature.   Built-in storage is an extra but worth the extra cost for some organization!!!

Garage doors installed @ 130 Columbia Crest

Here is the exterior of the Garage doors on the 130 Columbia Crest Custom Home.  They have already been trimmed out.  Soon the driveway will be grated one last time and then paved with a black-top asphalt.   Check back with us soon because the interior is coming along and all the gorgeous details will be installed soon such as the cabinetry and lights – The Valerian Team has been working hard and soon this Custom Home will be done!  Wow time flies by so fast especially in construction!!!

“Your Dream, Your Design, Your Home”

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