Advantages to an Open Kitchen – in New Home Construction

It hasn’t been long when Kitchens were designated to a corner of the house cut off from the rest of the home and were considered an unimportant room.  However, with different lifestyle trends currently, the concept of an open kitchen is hugely popular today and some would argue that most homes will not sell if they do not have an open concept.

Here are the ADVANTAGES to an open Kitchen:

MORE SPACE- when the walls of the kitchen breakdown, the area opens up to other rooms/spaces of the house.  It makes the kitchen seem bigger and gives the entire area a spacious appearance.

FUNCTIONAL KITCHEN - an open kitchen offers the opportunity to be a 2 places at a single time.  For example:  Keeping an eye on your kid’s activities while cooking.

DECORATION – an open kitchen gives you a platform to display your expensive appliances as decoration pieces or your fine glassware, crockery, etc.

SOCIAL INTERACTION – you  get a chance to interact and converse with your family or guests while you prepare the meals.  In addition, the kitchen seems to be the main gathering place for casual get-togethers anyways.  The open kitchen allows everyone to be included.

and finally…..

SERVE HOT – you can actually serve food fresh & hot as the cooking counter and dining table are closely located and the kitchen is right there for anything that might be needed at a the last minute.

This open kitchen concept has been one of the most frequent  requests with many of the New Valerian Homes customers – the dining room is either open to the kitchen or has been incorporated into the kitchen design.  “Formal Dining Room” seems to be the verbiage of the past &  most people are wanting a more casual feel in their new home.

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